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Pennsylvania Blanket Box ca:1790

An extremely well crafted dovetailed six board blanket box. The chest features original hand-forged strap hinges which are attached with some roséhead nails, dovetailed bracket feet with great cutouts on three sides, original red paint, original till and a unique pegged moldings on lid. Ca.1790, Somerset County Pennsylvania origin.(BEDEE)  Dimensions: 371/2"L x 193/4"W x 233/4"H
List Price: $1450

Virginia Mantle ca:1800

A very early mantle from the home of Alton and Mary Cox of 47Stuart in Stuarts Draft, Virginia (written on the back of mantle)   The mantle is pegged and square nailed and note the saw cuts on the post. We found one very find repair on the front of the mantle.. The overall condition is excellent.(LCE/ASK)
Dimensions: 64"L x 473/4"H, Opening: 421/4"W x 311/2"H
List Price: $395

Sawbuck Table ca:1840

A nicely made sawbuck table with a four board square nailed top. The wide legs are braced which provides stability and strength. The legs retain much of the original mustard paint and the top has traces of this original paint.(BKEE)
Dimensions: 621/8"L x 401/2"W x 29"H
List Price: $2200


An 18th century red painted bench table with a pegged two board top (one board measures 33" x 591/4", the second board measures 4" x 591/4"). The top has only traces of the red paint and some square nails and four hand cut screws were added to the pegged top over its many years.The paint is strong over the rest of the table. Note that the top is framed on all four sides and the molding is held in place by pegs. Note also, that the base is mortised and pegged while the legs have additional supports.  The significant overhang on all four sides enables seating on all four sides. A wonderful example of an early table in very fine condition. (BRTEE)
Dimensions:  591/4"L x 371/2"W x 26"H
List Price: $2600

New Jersey Bergen County Slat-Back Chairs 1780-1820

This form is associated with Bergen County with its urn style finials,sausage and ring posts and arched slats. Note the exceptional bold turnings on the front stretchers. The rush seats are real rush and very old (original?) and have minor loss. The chairs are in excellent condition and exhibit appropriate ware.(EHEE)
Dimensions: Seat Height: 161/2", Overall Height 39"
List Price: $900

Blanket Chest ca:1800

A six board New England blanket chest in old blue paint, snipe hinges and a till with a "secret" drawer.The blanket chest has rosehead as well as T nails.The chest features a nicely molded lift top. The boot jack feet are extensions of the side boards. The overall conditions excellent.(EOWOE)
Dimensions: 441/2"L x 181/4"W x 221/2"H
List Price: $925


An early and rare  19th century arrow back all original child's  Windsor chair in outstanding condition. Note the thumb-back on the back posts, the bamboo turnings and the great patina. (AETE)
Dimensions: Seat Height 10", Overall Height 241/4"
List Price: $450


This great sized 18th century dovetailed chest features original snipe hinges and rosehead nails. The till has a "secret" compartment and never had a lid. Note the wonderful patina and the overall fine condition. (ATKE)
Dimensions:381/2"L x 143/4"D x 14"H
List Price: $600


If you are interested in 18th century well made unique chairs in outstanding condition, this is for you. Note the open back with the curved crest and seat rail, vase and ring turned stretchers, block and vase front posts with button feet, as well as the incised side and back stretchers. Note also the pegged molted seat and the extensive use of pegs through out the chair.(LETE)
List Price: $400

Child's Rocker - Mid 19th Century

A wonderful child's rocker attributed to John Dubois of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Mr. Dubois was a chair maker and artist who was active in the mid 19th century and died in 1890. Mr Dubois typically painted the chair seats. Other examples of his work are in the Harrison Society at Mullica Hill, New Jersey. All original. Excellent condition.(ETOKE)
List Price: $1150


A ca:1820 dish top candle stand (platform stand) with a beautiful old finish (original?) and great patina. I find it interesting that it has a three board dish top which has keep the top absolutely flat with no warping. Note the shape of the batten (or cleat), the nice urn, vase and ring turnings on the post and legs. The base with its mortised legs and post which has that nice form which is common to platform stands of this period. No repairs, cracks etc. (HKTE)
Dimensions: 28"High,  15" Diameter
List Price: $975


Blanket Chest ca:1810

A ca:1810 New England six board blanket chest in the original green paint, original black bracket feet and a trace of mustard paint on the molding above the feet. The back has great oxidation and is attached with T-nails. The boards are joined by rabbeting. The chest has the original strap hinges which are attached with rosé head nails (see photo). While it no longer retains its till, it does have the original lock. While there is some lost on the top of the bracket feet (see photo) and one of the feet has been repaired (see photo),the chest is in very good condition. (KEPE)
Dimensions: 4'L x 181/4"W x 211/8"H
List Price: $795

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