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This is a very early  four compartment herb/spice box with four sliding lids. What is so significant about this box is that the box is totally dug out by hand and the four lids were carved to enable them to slide into the cutout runners. The box was never painted and retains a dry finish. Excellent condition.  (LOTK)
Dimensions:91/4" L x 33/8"W x 2"H 
List Price: $425


This uncommon mortar and pestle was used for powdering snuff. This particular example is made from chestnut with a short cavity as snuff was powdered in small quantities. The pestle is also of chestnut with a snobby end. See Early American Wooden Ware p. 148 for a photo of a similar one (perhaps the exact one) for additional information. (HODE)
Dimensions: Mortar: 71/2"H, 23/4"Dia., Pestle: 63/4"H
List Price: $975


The rotating gridiron was used to lay meat or fish on for broiling, or to use as a trivet. The gridiron was also used for light cooking and warming. Note the shouldered handle here because the gridiron's low height. Also note, the heart finial with a hole for hanging. Excellent condition. (MBE)
Dimensions: 24"L x 31/2"H x 12"-121/2"Rotary
List Price: $325


The gridiron was used to cook meat, fish, etc. or to use as a semi-trivet. Note the "shouldered" handle on this gridiron. Because  gridiron's may have low height, fat drippings could spatter from the coals to sear the meat suggesting more gridirons were used for light cooking and warming than broiling. However, this gridiron sits relatively high. Excellent condition. (BME)
Dimensions:241/2"L, 141/8"Dia.,4" Leg H, 41/4" Overall H
List Price: $350

Early 18th Century Warming Pan

Holding hot charcoal or embers, these pans were placed between icy bedcovers before retiring. This pan is a very early form that mounts a wrought iron handle on a brass pan covered by a domed brass lid with a wonderful etched design. (LEDE)
List Price: $350


A wonderful 19th century footed wooden  bowl with the original bittersweet paint in excellent condition featuring a deep 1 1/2" incised band. (DLKE) 
Dimensions . 20" X  21" DIA , 8" H

WI Utensil Rack-EARLY 19th CENTURY

A nicely made WI utensil rack with 5 hooks. The design is rather interesting with the scroll at the ends and the innovative scrollwork across the top. Excellent condition. (AKTE)
Dimensions: 19”L, 7”H

Single Arm Griddle ca: 1750-1800

A wonderful example of an early cast iron hanging baking iron. In Colonial America where often there was only a green wood lugpole from which to suspend cooking pots and pans and a fierce open fire to cook on, hanging griddles where in far more widespread use than in England. They were also used when cooking in the fireplace.The griddle was used for broiling steaks and fish as well as for making waffles and batter base cookies and biscuits. This griddle was used extensively in the open fire. See photo of griddle bottom.
Reference: Iron in the Fire by Rachael Feild p.123
Dimensions: 151/4"H, 12"Diameter (ALKU)
List Price: $495


This large 19th century dough board (or  breadboard) is well made  and has great patina. The back has two chamfered cross sections that reinforce the board and have  prevented it from warping. Note that there are no nails or screws. The board has a slight separation of the wood due to shrinkage. Note the well used hole at the top for hanging. Lots of  character! (BOKT)
Dimensions:26 3/4" x 32"
List Price: $325

Spice Grater Or Nutmeg Grater (1770-1800)

A nicely turned grater with a footed pedestal and incised carvings on the knob and body. Black bands are painted on the piece as well. The grater was used for grating nutmeg, cinnamon, etc. It is a two piece grater which includes a top with a perforated disc and a container that also houses a perforated disc. The overall condition is excellent with no cracks or chips. (LTLK)
List Price: $360


An early mortar & pestle in magnificent original red paint. The form is rather interesting due to the relationship between the height and the diameter and the turning of the mortar. The pestle was well used with an exquisite design. There is no question that these two pieces have always been together.(KSE) To see others examples of mortar and pestles, visit category TREENWARE/WOODENWARE.
Dimensions: Mortar 7 3/4"H & 4 1/8"Dia.,
List Price: $895

Gridiron 1750-1800

A very early ca:1750-1800 and well made gridiron. Note that the square iron rods penetrate the two end frames and are preened on the outer side. Note also, the handle is an extended bar which is preened on one end and ends with the hanging "rat tail" loop.
Dimensions: 175/8"L x 61/2"W x 21/8"H (LEDE)
List Price: $325