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Three Lamps from the Robert E. Putney Jr. (1933-1991) collection. Past President of the Rushlight Club. Rare Early Lighting & Related Materials  Auction held June 16,1892 where these items were purchased. The descriptions in the  catalog were:
Left Lamp: "Pewter Hand Lamp by James H. Putman, Malden, Massachusetts
   1830-1835. Condition: Excellent.  Overall Height: 4"  (ATRA)
List Price: $495
Center Lamp: "Very fine pewter saucer based hand lamp with whale oil burner by James  
H. Putman, Malden, Massachusetts 1830-1835. Condition: Outstanding"
 Overall Height:51/2"  ( ATRA)
List Price: $495
Right Lamp: "Scarce Pewter Hand Lamp by Capen & Molineaux, New York City 1848-1854 and Dorchester, Mass 1844-47. Condition: Excellent, Height: 21/2" (PARK) 
Individual lamps are left to right in the main image.
List Price: $495


A pewter lidded shaving bowl that could also be used for hand soap or as a storage container.
Dimensions:4"Dia., 11/4"H (OTE)
List Price: $95


A pair of 8"  brass candlesticks 1790-1800 with urn shaped sockets, tapering stem, square base and original internal push-up rods. Outstanding condition. (BOTE)
List Price:$265


This 1835-1836 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania coffee pot signed Woodbury & Cotton is a wonderful example of an early American coffee pot. Note the stepped foot, the nicely turned spout, the nicely designed handle and the well proportioned and shaped body. (DLOK)
Height: 12"
List Price: $375


This lidded measure has an extremely interesting features. The lid is marked 6 with initials LS and it has a pot-bellied or pear -shaped body. The measure is incised from top to bottom. Note the flanged lip. We have been unable to identify its origin.(MSL)
Dimension: 51/2"H
List Price: $135

Barber Bowl ca: 1800

The barber's bowl was once an essential tool for a barber shaving his customers. The semicircular opening in the rim permits it to fit closely against the neck of the person being shaved. The semicircular notch on the rim may also be used for resting the patients arm during the process of bloodletting which was performed by barber- surgeons of the time. The ribbed decorative edge is unique. The bowl has been repaired which reflects its extended use. (ASTK)

Dimensions: 133/8" x 111/4"
 Price: $485


Rosewell Gleason had a shop in Dorchester Mass. from 1822-1871. In A History of American Pewter  by Charles F. Montgomery, Mr. Montgomery states "For the most part, Gleson's designs for pitchers, lamps and teapots had the traditional virtues of pewter's simple, bold forms and enjoyed wide sales all over the eastern United States. (LOKD)
Height: 101/2"
List Price: $375


A beautiful UNCRESTED, lidded measure illustrating an interesting style and form.W. Gill Wylie reports in his book: PEWTER MEASURE FOR MEASURE that this measure is hard to find and that they are seldom found with maker's mark.
As you can see from the photos, the measure has some small dents and a couple of old repairs. However, considering its age and use, it is a great example of a Tappit Hen measure.
Dimensions: 101/2"H (MSL)
List Price: $525

Baptismal Basin ca: 1840 MA. SEAL MARK ROSWELL GLEASON

A rare pewter Baptismal Basin with Massachusetts State seal. The seal mark of Roswell Gleason Dorchester Ma. Note the exquisite form, the beading on top and the design of the base. The overall condition is very good. (CCTK)
List Price: $495

Teapot - James H. Putman - 1830-1835

James H. Putman is listed in American Pewter by J.B. Kerfoot as a working pewterer "After 1825". American Pewter by Carl Jacobs dates him as 1830-1835. However, Jacobs also lists Baily and Putman as 1830-1835. We do know that he did work in Malden, Mass. He was known for his design and form. Note the handle, spout and finial. (LKE/CEE)
List Price: $325

Channel Islands Lidded Jersey Measure

In his book, Pewter - Measure for Measure, W. Gill Wylie writes, "the Channel Islands measures seem to be very scarce and we were happy to find a set ..... This two quart Channel Islands Measure is marked with the letters E.G.B. (probably the first owner) on the handle. The body has the excise mark of a crown over G.R. Wylie writes "The G.R. might mean any of the Georges from 1714-1830.Inside the heart-shaped lid is the maker's mark I.N. According to Corterell's book, Pewter Down the Ages, the I.N. refers to the pewterer John LeNeven. Note the detail of the double acorn thumb piece.
There are some dents,however considering age and use the measure is in very good condition.(MLS)
List Price: $550

Channel Islands Lidded Guernesey Measure

This two-quart Channel Islands measure is unmarked except for the excise marks on the heart-shaped lid.W. Gill Wylie in his book PEWTER MEASURE FOR MEASURE identifies the marks as the excise marks of Edward and George II. King George II was the King of Britain from 1727-1760. Note the acorn finials on the lid hinge. There are a few small dents on the measure but considering the age, this measure is in excellent condition. Height 12".(MLS)
List Price:$350

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