Antique, French, Brass, Foot, and Hand Warmer for use in a Carriage or Sleigh
I have used the warmer to burn sage bundles. Works great.
This is an Antique Brass Heater, hand/foot warmer. Manufactured in Lyon by Girondon & Montet. Stamped also 'Brevete en France & A l'Etranger, SCOG STOKER (patented in France and Abroad).
Fabulous and in working condition . Hot coals were placed in the little wire cage inserted inside the brass carrier. The amount of heat discharged could be adjusted by opening and closing the vent on top.
Approximate Measurements :
Length : 7.6" (19,5 cm) 7 7/8”
Width : 5.5" (14 cm) 5 3/4”
Height : 2" (5cm) 2 5/8”
Excellent Vintage Condition
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