TRAMMEL (1740-1800) WITH GREASE LAMP(1700-1730) SOLD?

Trammels of this size were used for smaller utensils such as grease or pan  lamps, candle holders, cruises and small tea kettles. This is a well used trammel that is in great condition. The adjustable length is 27 1/2" to 40". (LETA)
This pan or grease lamp is extremely well made with the twist on the arm and the one piece construction.  The pan lamp or grease lamp was filled with grease or oil and in order to use this lamp a hempen or vegetable fibre wick was inserted through a central hole in a small disc of cork or wood. The shallow pan was then filled with oil and the wick would float freely in the pan. The pan was then suspended from nail or trammel.
List Price: Trammel $395(LETA), Grease Lamp: $195(DOE), Both Items: $550

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