Channel Islands Lidded Jersey Measure


In his book Pewter – Measure for Measure W. Gill Wylie writes “the Channel Islands measures seem to be very scarce and we were happy to find a set ….. This two quart Channel Islands Measure is marked with the letters E.G.B. (probably the first owner) on the handle. The body has the excise mark of a crown over G.R. Wylie writes “The G.R. might mean any of the Georges from 1714-1830.Inside the heart-shaped lid is the maker’s mark I.N. According to Corterell’s book Pewter Down the Ages the I.N. refers to the pewterer John LeNeven. Note the detail of the double acorn thumb piece. There are some dents however considering age and use the measure is in very good condition.(MLS)
List Price: $550