Small antique skater’s lantern


This small antique skater’s lantern or lamp would have been made by the Jewel Co. Small lanterns such as this one were carried while skating in the dark on a frozen pond or creek. This one is made of brass ( does not attract a magnet) and comes in 4 parts. The small base holds the kerosene the font and wick for light the original glass chimney and the brass cap for holding the lantern while skating. There is ample wick left but the wheel for raising and lowering the wick needs releasing to work properly and the new owner can work on this. The glass chimney is a 2 part mold and is in excellent condition with no cloudiness or apologies. There is a dent to the top which might be expected for an antique piece and a couple of superficial dents to the font. An antique piece for a lighting collection!

 NEED TO REWRITE (BLK) $140???  probably $85 -125